Pronounced: Shi-vee-tee

Central circle:
(From bot. right to bot. left) Shiviti Shekinah L’negdi Tamid – Shi-vee-tee Shi-khee-nah L’neg-dee Tah-meed. It means: Place the Holy Presence Before You Always ( Psalm 16:18)

Divine name used:
SHEKINAH: the holy presence, the divine presence, the feminine presence, the bride.

Divine names on outside of central circle:
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Top right and bottom left: EL – associated with the qualities of loving kindness and mercy in the Tree of Life. Top left and bottom right: YAH – associated with the quality of wisdom in the Tree of Life.

Divine names down center of wrap:
ELOHIM-associated with the quality of judgement in the Tree of Life. ADONAY-Master -associated with the quality of kingship in the Tree of Life. EIN SOF-infinite beingness, without end.

Divine names on bottom borders:
The letters YOD, HEY, VAV, HEY, which together are called the Tetragrammaton, the 4 letter, sacred and not pronounced name of God. When seen in texts, it is read as “Adonay” or Hashem (The Name).
“The Tetragrammaton is like a trunk of a tree, while the other names are like its branches.”¹

The Kabbalists used the divine name to unify their consciousness with God. The different names considered to be gateways through which the divine could express certain qualities. Take a few breaths. Repeat the phrase Shiviti Shekinah L’negdi Tamid- 3 times. Replace “Shekinah” with each God, as listed above, until all the names have been spoken. Through thought, word and deed, waking and sleeping, may you remember the Divine, present and before you always!
¹ Shaarey Orah, p. 40b
Shiviti Hebrew is read from right to left. Copyright © 2010 Dani Antman
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